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Roof Maintenance

Why do I need to have my roof inspected?

When organizing a roof maintenance program, scheduling regular inspections and assigning them to the right personnel is key. Inspections should occur twice a year; once in the fall, before winter's elements set in, and once in the spring, before the heavy rains and thunderstorms begin. In fact, most manufacturers require bi-annual roof inspections and documentation to maintain the roof's warranty.

Existing roofs also benefit from bi-annual inspections. Preventive maintenance is critical. Trouble spots are identified and repaired before they become larger, more costly problems. Additional inspections should occur after an extreme storm, construction, or heavy roof traffic, such as A/C repair or replacement.

What is inspected and why?

  • Sealants - Caulkings and sealants are considered a maintenance item, and they will not last the lifetime of the roofing system. As a result, on almost every roof, there is a need to reseal protrusions with the approved material.
  • Drainage - Drainage on any roof is critical. The more water you are able to get off a roof, the better the structure's health will be. Water accumulation from plugged or impeded drainage can cause roof membrane and structural failure. Leaks may also occur because water levels rise above curb construction of small walls.
  • Parapet Walls - Parapet walls need to be checked for the deterioration of concrete and exposed copings. The integrity of reglets along walls also needs to be monitored. Leaks may occur from water penetration into unprepared or damaged parapet walls. This can adversely affect the roof system and a building's integrity.
  • Building Structure: Interior & Exterior - The overall building structure should be inspected for any major visual changes. These changes may affect the way a roof and structure interact. This can lead to separation if not maintained. A thorough inspection is required to verify the roof tie-ins' integrity.
  • Air Conditioning Units - These are notorious areas for leak occurrence, especially following a service, repair, or installation. We will inspect that these areas are in good condition, and that they are not allowing moisture inside.

Service Agreement

Why do I need a service agreement?

All types of weather can cause unknown problems to your roof. We live in an area that is prone to excessive wind, rain, ice, and heat. Thus, it is always good to have a maintenance policy in place when immediate repairs are required. Whether you own one property or several, you need someone you can trust, should a problem arise. Roof Solutions is that point of contact.

What does a service agreement do for me?

By signing with Roof Solutions, Inc., you will receive expedited service at a discounted rate. You can rest assured if a problem arises, there will be a qualified and licensed crew dispatched to service your property. Roof Solutions, Inc. is an expert at finding the source of a leak, and stopping it.

How does a service agreement work?

When you have a problem, a qualified and licensed crew will be dispatched to your property. Once there, the crew will assess the situation and take the required steps to stop the leaking or make a temporary repair. Then, Roof Solutions will contact you with a full report including detailed photographs. If additional work is required, Roof Solutions will forward you an estimate and scope of the work. The trip charge for the service call will be credited toward the repair upon completion.

Gutter Cleaning

Why do I need to have my gutters cleaned?

Gutters and downspouts are an important part of your building and roof system. Allowing debris to clog the gutter system shortens the gutter s lifespan, and can cause problems such as:

  • Ice damming
  • Roof leaks
  • Window leaks
  • Foundation deterioration

Having your gutters cleaned and inspected up to four (4) times a year prevents all of these. During rain and snowfall, rest assured there will be no problems related to your gutters and downspouts.

How does the gutter cleaning contract work?

By signing with Roof Solutions, the headache associated with gutter cleaning is gone. You simply choose the months that you want your gutters cleaned. The rest is up to Roof Solutions. The week before the work is to be done, you will be contacted. You do not have to be on site for Roof Solutions to complete the gutter cleaning. When we are finished, we contact you for payment arrangements. If any problems were discovered during the gutter cleaning, we will promptly contact you with a report that includes photographs.




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