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Roof Solutions Installs Commercial Building Skylights

Skylights can provide more natural lighting for your business. They can also enhance the existing architecture and style and reduce energy costs. Roof Solutions installs commercial skylights for businesses in Silver Spring, MD. Our preferred and certified brand Velux offers many options for style and functionality. You can choose from venting skylights and roof windows, electronic shades, rain sensors, and more. The potential of skylights in your building can help be imagined by one of Roof Solutions’ professionals. We always consider the lighting and air filtration needs of each customer. We also consider the existing style of your roof when selecting materials and devising a pre-construction plan.

Are Skylights Right for Your Commercial Building?

Skylights are right for many commercial buildings, but not all. We encourage you to learn about the pros and cons of skylights for your commercial building in Silver Spring, MD. The team at Roof Solutions would be happy to provide an evaluation of your building to determine whether skylights are right for you. We’ll help you decide which type of skylight is best for your building and what energy performance rating is needed. Our team installs circular skylights and several other types, and we’d be happy to discuss commercial skylight prices with you.

The Advantages of Skylights

Skylights aren’t right for every commercial building, but they have many advantages. Check out these five reasons why installing a skylight in your building can benefit you:

· Cost Savings – Operating a building can be expensive, and heat and electricity are often the most significant expenses. Skylights allow free light and heat into the building which cuts costs. Buildings featuring skylights need less light and heat than those without them.

· Environmental Impact – Buildings emit as much as 40% of total greenhouse gasses, so anything you can do to reduce them is important. You can lower your carbon footprint by reducing heating and electricity thanks to skylights.

· Improved Aesthetics – Buildings with natural light are more welcoming. They create a pleasant atmosphere to work in, and visitors appreciate the glow they provide.

· Increased Productivity – Natural lighting in the workplace can make employees more productive. Natural light produces Vitamin D. The vitamin can ease depression and chronic pain. Natural light can also make employees more engaged and reduce sick days.

· Building Value – Skylights can increase the value of your building. In fact, some buildings with natural light are leased for about $4 more per square foot.

The Disadvantages of Commercial Skylights

The advantages of commercial skylights outweigh the disadvantages, but you should still consider:

· Excessive Light – Too much direct sun isn’t always a good thing, but skylights can be installed in a way that they provide the perfect amount of light.

· Heat Production – Buildings that are too hot can be uncomfortable. We can install window films or glazing on your new skylights for optimal temperature control.

· Roof Space – You’ll want to dedicate 7 to 10% of your total roof space to your skylight(s). This can be tough if you have a small roof or one with lots of equipment, vents, or an HVAC system. Our team can check your roof to ensure you’ll have enough space.

· Leak Risks – If skylights are not properly installed, they may allow water to seep inside the building. The same can be true for snow, but our experienced professionals will install appropriate skylights for your climate.

· Breakage Risks – The Maryland weather can be tough on roofs, and the glass in skylights can be vulnerable. We can solve this issue by installing the right skylights for your building and location.

Commercial Skylight Installation Services

The advantages of skylights cannot be realized without proper skylight installation. You can count on the team at Roof Solutions to use proper skylight installation procedures. We take many things into accounts such as slope and moisture control, to ensure your skylights function for the long term. Skylights can bring happiness into your building. You owe it to yourself to contact us so we can determine the best solution for your commercial property. Roof Solutions also offers residential roof repair, commercial roof repair, and more. Contact us today to schedule service and get a quote.



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