Common Gutter Problems and How They Affect Your Roof

Your gutters and downspouts work all year long to funnel rain and snow runoff away from your roof and your home. This essential component of your roofing system also plays a vital role in the protection of your roof, your home’s exterior, and even your foundation and your basement. Spotting common gutter problems and acting quickly to solve them is the best way to keep your roof and your home free from damage caused by leaks, excess water runoff, and even mold or pests.

Gutter Clogs

Because they are open channels, gutters are particularly prone to clogs due to leaves, twigs, dirt, and other debris that can easily gather in the trough. When clogs form inside your gutters, it backs up the flow of water, causing it to overflow and run down the side of your home, soaking the ground around your foundation. This is the top cause of siding damage and basement flooding; excessively clogged gutters can also become heavier, eventually damaging your roof and your siding if they sag or pull away from their attachment points on your home. Thus, addressing gutter clogs as soon as you notice them is the key to a healthy roof and home. If you can access your gutters safely via ladder, check them regularly and remove gutter clogs using heavy work gloves or a small spade. Alternatively, talk to your roofers about scheduling regular gutter maintenance to keep your gutters clear, and request service any time you notice the signs of a gutter clog.

Failing Hardware

Clogs aren’t the only reason that gutters sag and pull away from your home. As the hardware holding your gutters in place begins to age, it can rust, corrode, or deteriorate and cause the gutters to become loose. Alternatively, gutters that have been improperly installed or have fasteners that are spaced at improper intervals will also start to pull away from your home as the gutter and roofing system age. Over time, this issue will only grow in severity, putting the lower areas of your roof at risk for damage in stormy or windy conditions. As soon as you notice that a portion of your gutters is sagging or has become detached, call your roofing service to repair the issue. You should also have your entire gutter system inspected to determine whether the problem affected only a small area, or whether it could indicate a bigger problem with your gutter system’s hardware or installation as a whole.

Gutter Leaks

Leaks may form in your gutters for several reasons, including corrosion, physical damage, and detachment of adjacent lengths of gutter material. You can easily spot leaks by running a hose through your gutter system, or by checking for standing water around your foundation after a rainstorm. Small leaks can be sealed with caulk; if you can’t reach your gutters easily or don’t feel comfortable doing so, call in your professional roofer to handle the repairs. Larger leaks and damage will always need professional attention—your roofers can make any necessary repairs quickly to restore the integrity of your gutter system and prevent further issues.

Scheduling an annual inspection of your roof and gutter system is a great way to prevent small problems from becoming large one that threaten your roof and your home. Please visit us online to find out more about our roofing solutions in Fairfax County, or click through our blog for more tips on protecting your roof and gutters from damage.

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Monday, December 28, 2015



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