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Ventilation Systems

Protect Your Silver Spring, MD Ventilation System

Roof Solutions Can Repair Rooftop Ventilation Systems

A lot goes into a successful roof. Each component works hand in hand to protect the rest of your home. Roof Solutions provides services for wave ventilation systems in Silver Spring, MD, and the surrounding area. Throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC, you can see our handiwork. And our reputation precedes us. Before you ignore potential problems, give us a call. We offer free roof inspections. We’ll investigate the roof and make suggestions regarding anything we find, including the ventilation system.

Why Ventilation Systems Are So Crucial to Your Rooftop

Sloped roofs must have a functioning ventilation system to prevent large-scale damage to your roof. Regardless of the roofing material, you should always take care of the ventilation system, and make sure the underlayment is working correctly. Doing so prevents a wide range of issues, such as: 

  • Ice Dams: We see our fair share of bitter cold and wintery conditions in our region. While your roof is the first line of defense against snow and ice, it isn’t indestructible. For instance, ice dams form when the roof’s ventilation system doesn’t evenly distribute accumulating snow. If you notice a mass of snow ice towards your gutters, then you should contact us for a free roof estimate.
  • Shingle Damage: Shingle damage isn’t uncommon, especially in the face of inclement weather. Ice and snow can damage shingles of all types, especially asphalt. Fortunately, we can repair your ventilation system, as well as repair and replace individual shingles. If the damage is bad enough, Roof Solutions provides affordable roof replacements.
  • Voided Warranties: Your roof comes with a warranty. The terms depend on the manufacturer, but almost all hinge on whether you do the minimal amount of work to ensure you remain in compliance with the roof. Improper ventilation is one way to ensure the manufacturer voids the warranty.
  • Energy Inefficiency: In addition to shielding the attic and house from water and wind damage, roofs play a crucial role in keeping monthly energy costs down. The ventilation system plays a significant role as any other component. As a result, it’s critical to tackle any ventilation issues head-on to prevent problems down the road.

Some of the Ventilation Systems We Work On

Roof Solutions is proud to offer an array of services to our customers. We believe in delivering high-quality services, no matter the product. Our team has the expertise required to repair and install a variety of ventilation systems in both residential and commercial properties. Some of the most common we work with include:

  • Rooftop Ventilation Systems: Proper ventilation is simple: As long as air flows seamlessly, you're protected. Many times, contractors build roofs to cycle air around naturally. Sometimes, homeowners need to install a mechanical ventilation system. We can work on both mechanical and natural ventilation systems. We can inspect the exhaust, attic, and other potential problem areas and offer solutions.
  • Fresh Air Ventilation Systems: Roof Solutions also ensure your fresh air ventilation system functions properly. Many things can go wrong with a ventilation system, but our team is skilled at diagnosing the issue and promptly repairing it. We want you to breathe clean and healthy air.
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation: For homeowners and commercial property owners looking to control energy costs and promote healthy air, Roof Solutions has the answer. Heat recovery ventilation systems use the heat from outgoing stale air to warm up the fresh air generated elsewhere. There are typically two fans, one which removes outgoing air and another that brings in fresh air. We can diagnose problems arising from the vents and elsewhere.

How to Tell If Your Roof Isn’t Ventilating Correctly

If your home uses natural ventilation, then all the work is done in the attic. What some homeowners don't realize is the number of issues that can impact roof ventilation. Roof Solutions understands the complex nature of rooftop ventilation and how to facilitate it. Fortunately, it isn't challenging to determine whether it’s time to contact Roof Solutions for a free roof estimate. Some of the common signs of poor ventilation include:

  • There are no vents in the attic.
  • A hot-to-the-touch ceiling indicates an oven-like attic.
  • Thick ridges on your eaves during winter
  • Condensed moisture on the rafters in the roof or the roof sheathing. You can use a flashlight to find it.

We Provide Honest and Forthright Estimates

Thanks to Roof Solutions' roof estimates, it's easy to review your options and move forward with a solution. We provide a thoroughly-documented written estimate, along with one-on-one advice. We understand that not all homeowners possess the knowledge we do, and we want our customers to make an informed decision. More importantly, Roof Solutions never tries to sell products and services you don’t need. So, contact us today, and one of our experienced professionals will be out to investigate your roof's performance.



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