Where to Install Your New Skylight

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Where to Install Your New Skylight

A skylight is a beautiful and functional addition to any home. Skylights add natural light, making them ideal for small or dark rooms such as bathrooms and hallways. The extra light and outside view will open up the space, making it feel larger. If you’re concerned with the aesthetic impact of a skylight on your roof, add skylights to areas of your home that face away from the street. This will preserve your home’s curb appeal and the appearance of the original roof from the front of your home. While skylights can be installed nearly anywhere on a conventionally-framed roof, if you have a truss roof you should install skylights only where they will fit between trusses. Cutting trusses can affect the load on the remaining structure and weaken your roof.


If you’re thinking about installing a skylight in your home, contact Roof Solutions at (301) 358-2688 to find out how we can help your project along. Our expert roofers offer skylight installation throughout Bethesda. You can get more details by clicking on our website.


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Where to Install Your New Skylight

Understanding the Dangers of Water Damage

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Understanding the Dangers of Water Damage

A leaky roof allows water to enter your home every time it rains. Water damage affects many aspects of your home, ranging from cosmetic damage to creating a health hazard. If you’re experiencing a leaky roof or gutters, contact a professional for repair or replacement to protect your home from further damage. 

Structural Concerns
Areas of your home that have been affected by water may no longer be safe. Wet flooring, walls, and ceilings are less stable and cannot handle the weight they are required to bear. Water that collects around or under your roof weakens the shingles, making them more susceptible to damage from the wind and weather. Water damage can result in crumbling or collapse of building materials, causing injury and blocking access to portions of your home.

Poor Indoor Air Quality
Standing water allowed to collect in your home from roof or gutter problems is an open invitation for bacteria, viruses, and mold. Mold spores are frequently responsible for poor indoor air quality in homes. Inhalation of spores causes allergic reactions, asthma attacks, congestion, and infection of the respiratory system. Mold can also cause headaches, dizziness, and trouble sleeping that may affect your ability to concentrate on tasks or remember information. Inhaling other bacteria, viruses, or parasites may result in infections that can become life-threatening in children, the elderly, or those with existing illnesses.

Electrical Risks
When water encounters electrical wiring in your home, it can cause trouble. Electrical systems may short out and stop working, which can affect your ability to cook, see, or ventilate your home. Electrical wiring that has suffered from water damage also poses a potential fire risk in your home, threatening your belongings and your safety.

Water damage doesn’t need to be a risk your family’s safety. If your roof or gutter system is leaking, Roof Solutions of Bethesda provides fast, effective repairs or replacement so your home remains safe and dry. Please call us today at (301) 358-2688 or click on our website to contact an experienced roofer for more information.

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Understanding the Dangers of Water Damage

Recognizing Signs of Mold Exposure

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A leaky roof or poor home drainage can result in standing water in your attic or basement. Mold can develop within 24 hours of water exposure, causing a variety of symptoms that may affect your family.

Mold most frequently causes allergic reactions such as sneezing, congestion, and watery eyes. Headaches and nosebleeds may also occur. Infections of the ears and eyes are also common signs of mold exposure. Asthma, COPD, and coughing can also develop. You can get more information about the health effects of inhaling mold spores in this short, informative video.

Roof Solutions can help you address roof leaks, gutter problems, and more to keep your Bethesda home dry and mold-free. Schedule a professional inspection for your home by calling (301) 358-2688 today. You can learn more about the dangers of roof leaks and mold by clicking through the articles on our blog.

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Recognizing Signs of Mold Exposure

Roof Solutions Inc. Selected For "Home Contractors You Can Trust 2013"

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Roof Solutions Inc. of Bethesda, MD has been honored with a recognition by Washingtonian Magazine in its selection of "Home Contractors You Can Trust 2013."

BETHESDA, Md., Aug. 22, 2013 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Announcing a special recognition appearing in the August, 2013 issue ofWashingtonian Magazine published by Washington Magazine, Inc.. Roof Solutions Inc. was selected for the following honor:

"Home Contractors You Can Trust 2013"

A spokesperson from Roof Solutions Inc. commented on the recognition: "This is quite an honor for us. The fact that Washingtonian Magazine included Roof Solutions Inc. in its selection of "Home Contractors You Can Trust 2013," signals that our constant efforts towards business excellence are paying off. We are proud to be included in this recognition."

About Roof Solutions Inc.:a short profile by and about the honoree:

Keeping a roof over your head has always been a basic necessity. At Roof Solutions, we rise above the competition with 100% Satisfaction, Courteous & Clean technicians and Unbeatable Quality Work the first time. Top notch staff | The best manufactures | Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee | 1,000's of Satisfied Clients since 1993. We service, repair and replace all roofing from slate to shingles, including gutter & chimney work. Serving the entire DC Metro area with free 14 point roof and gutter inspection.

Following the publication of Roof Solutions Inc.'s selection for Washingtonian Magazine'sHome Contractors You Can Trust 2013 list, American Registry seconded the honor and added Roof Solutions Inc. to the "Registry of Business Excellence™". An exclusive recognition plaque, shown here, has been designed to commemorate this honor.

For more information on Roof Solutions Inc., located in Bethesda, MD pleasecall 301-565-2600, or visit

This press release was written by American Registry, LLC with contributions from Roof Solutions Inc. on behalf of Roof Solutions Inc. and was distributed by PR Newswire, a subsidiary of UBM plc.

Contact Info:

Roof Solutions Inc.
Phone: 301-565-2600
Email Address:
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Roof Solutions Inc. Selected For "Home Contractors You Can Trust 2013"

Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Material

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Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Material

Choosing the right roofing material for your Bethesda area home or business can bedifficult given the overwhelming options available. To make the decision easier, consider the specific pros and cons of each roofing material available, then contact your local roofing contractor to discuss these materials further. Here are some factors to talk over with your roofing contractor to make choosing your roofing easier.

Roof Replacement Costs
The most budget friendly roofing options are typically the different varieties of asphalt roofing. Asphalt shingles are the most commonly used roofing material in the United States, and come in many grades, colors, and shapes. More durable roofing materials like slate, clay, and metal are can take more abuse, but cost more and often require more expensive labor.

Energy Efficiency
Next, consider how important your roofing is to your energy-saving plan. For homeowners that are not terribly concerned about your roof’s energy efficiency, then an asphalt shingle will provide you with a great baseline for reducing heat transfer between the air above your home and the air in your attic. For more energy-conscious roofing, talk to your roofing contractor about cool roofing materials that deflect heat, photovoltaic solar roofing, green or living roofs, or metal roofing materials. These materials either deflect heat away, or absorb the heat in a way that prevents it from affecting your indoor temperatures.

Roofing Lifespan
Finally, consider the ideal lifespan for your roofing options. If you don’t mind a shorter-term roofing solution, an 18-30 year asphalt roof may be sufficient. But if you want a roofing system that you may not ever have to replace in your lifetime, clay, metal, or slate roofs are better options. These materials can last 50 years or longer, often outlasting the homes they’re built on.

For more help choosing the right roofing options for your Bethesda-area home or business, contact the experts at Roof Solutions. Our knowledgeable roofing contractors can help you find the perfect roofing material that fits your budget and meets your needs. Call (301) 358-2688.

Tips for Choosing the Right Roofing Material


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