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Skylight Roofing Contractors

Skylight Roofing Contractors in Silver Spring, MD

Roof Solutions Can Install Brand-New Skylights

Some houses don’t have enough windows to let in natural light. Trees or neighboring houses surround others. If you have trouble brightening your house, then a skylight might be the best way to inject replenishing bursts of sunlight into your property. Natural lighting brightens a home and uplifts moods. It creates more inviting spaces and delivers increased comfort. Roof Solutions is the skylight roofing contractor Silver Spring, MD can trust to deliver sunnier indoor living spaces. Throughout Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC, we’ve installed and maintained skylights at both residential and commercial properties. You can create a more inviting business or improve the resale value of your home by reaching out to our specialists. For your convenience, Roof Solutions offers free quotes on all services.

The Many Benefits of Installing a New Skylight

Skylights come with a bounty of benefits, each of which ensues homeowners and commercial property owners can create the best possible living and working spaces. Roof Solutions understands the ins and outs of skylight installation, but our technicians and sales team also appreciate just how valuable they are. If you invest in a skylight, you can:

Uplift your moods

There's plenty of evidence suggesting the sun plays a vital role in delivering vitamin D, which can improve moods. It's why homes without much natural light can feel gloomy and depressing. Installing a skylight in a living room or den can provide occupants of your home with an uplifting spot to read a book or listen to music.

Protect your privacy

Skylights are perfect for bathrooms and bedrooms because they can cut down on visibility from outside the house. If you're unwilling to sacrifice natural light but want privacy, then installing a skylight is an excellent way to get the best of both worlds.

Free your monthly budget

Residential and commercial property owners always look for ways to reduce their monthly costs. Rather than parsing your monthly budget for spending to cut, invest in a skylight. Why? Because skylights heat the home by letting sunlight in. As a result, many property owners experience lower monthly energy bills.

Contribute to a better environment

The more power property owners use to heat their homes and business, the more they can harm the environment. But by installing a skylight, you can not only decrease your monthly spending, but you can also use less energy to power your home, resulting in a reduced environmental footprint. Roof Solutions proudly retails VELUX skylights, some of which can fetch as much as a 26% tax credit for renewable technologies.

Enjoy a refreshing breeze

Skylights can open! Many of our customers opt to install a skylight in traditionally stuffy rooms because they aid with cross-ventilation. Doing so can reduce allergens and make living and working in a space more tolerable.

Create the illusion of space

Have you ever added a wall mirror opposite a window or patio door? Did you notice how it made the room appear roomier? Skylights can do the same thing by increasing your perception of how spacious a place is. Plus, if you’re far enough from a major city, you can view the night sky, giving the impression of an outdoor space inside the home.

We’re Proud to Install High-Quality VELUX Products

Just as with all Roof Solutions' offerings, we place a premium on variety. We want you to have choices. Whether you're installing a new roof or skylight, we believe every customer has the right to a pampered existence filled with all the trappings of modern life. Our preferred brand, VELUX, provides a vast array of options, including electronic shades, venting skylights, roof windows, and even rain sensors for opening skylights. If you have unique requirements, then Roof Solutions won't have a difficult time meeting them. For more information on how our VELUX products can help you, feel free to call our office.

We Work Quickly to Minimize Disruptions to Your Life

Whether you own a business or a private residence, you want to minimize how much your roofing contractor spends installing the skylight. Fortunately, Roof Solutions knows how to work quickly without sacrificing the outstanding quality our customers have come to expect from us. The process occurs in two phases:

  • The roof: During this portion of the installation process, Roof Solutions cuts a hole in the ceiling and fastens the skylight to the roof. We then attach three layers of protection to the roof itself and prevent air or moisture leakage.
  • Inside: Once we cut the hole and attach the skylight, we spend half a day per skylight adding drywall and painting around the new skylight. How long it takes sometimes depends on the ceiling type.

Contact Roof Solutions Today

One of the reasons our customers trust us is our willingness to provide honest and forthright input during the free estimate process. You’ll know which skylight works best for your property and how much it’ll cost before we start the process. We’ll take your desired lighting, air filtration, and design of your roof into account as well. To learn more about Roof Solutions and our skylight installation services, contact our office today.



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